Allen or Ertz keeper

What is the better keeper in this scenario? Keenan Allen as a first rounder, or Ertz as a 4th. Currently keeping Hopkins as a 1 and Kamara as a 6. Can keep 3 players. Full PPR league

How many teams in the league? Asking to try and gauge TE top tier value

Ertz for me

I won my full pt PPR league last year largely because Ertz was my keeper. He won’t do what he did last year but 4th for him is a fair value. This year a one for Allen is high.

I would keep allen and hope to get ertz back in the eariler rounds

Etrtz. If it’s a keeper league, no doubt kelce wont be available. You get the #2 TE in 4th and don’t need to worry about targeting a tier 3 TE or throwing a dart at late rounders. Allen is injury prone and Hunter Henry will get more looks. Also starting your draft with Kamera Hopkins and Ertz? Not bad bro.