Allen Robinson and Adrian Peterson for Kenyan Drake?

Thinking about trying this trade. Really love kenyan drake and think he can be very successful even in a RBBC. In a 12 team standard my roster looks like this:

QB: Kirk Cousins
RB: Saquon Barkley
RB: Joe Mixon
WR: Keenan Allen
WR: Amari Cooper
TE: Trey Burton
Flex: Josh Gordon
DEF: Saints

RB Corey Clement
WR Sammy Watkins
RB Carlos Hyde
RB Adrian Peterson
WR Allen Robinson
WR Keelan Cole
RB Latavius Murray

In a ppr or half ppr, i’d be totally fine with this trade.

In a standard, I am not so sure. Although you’re team is pretty damn stacked and ARob may not even make it onto the starting roster so it may be fine.

I do like Drake a lot. Just a matter of how often that offense scores. I’m not a huge fan of AP at all.

Yeah AD scares me b/c of his recent ineffectiveness and proness to injury so I almost just want to sell him on the name and hype from the preseason game. May try to swing corey clement and adrian peterson for kerryon johnson or sony michel.

Hmm. That’s tough. I am driving the Drake hype train, but I Robinson is a player I’m slightly scared to tell someone to sell or not to sell. The potential is obvious, but I just don’t know what to think about him.

I’d probably so it.

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I have this thought exactly. Like we know his upside. 1k yards and double digit TDs. Dude is a monster. But my main reservation is, not his injury, but the fact that trubisky just looks awful throwing outside the numbers. I don’t know how else to put it, but not sure if their skill sets match up as well. I kind of had this same feeling last year about Watkins to the Rams. Love the player, don’t love the QB/WR marriage.

Yea, I liked Trubiksy a lot coming out, and expected a nice step forward with actual functional weapons and play calling, but this preseason definitely gave me some additional doubt.

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Yeah I offered the trade. I personally believe Kenyan Drake is majorly talented and provides more upside than both and since I have a deep team I’d rather take that upside than the two guys who are the 1s on their team but really seem to have limited upside

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He’s definitely extremely talented. I’ve been on him since he was in college.

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