Allen Robinson, Auden Tate, Curtis Samuel ROS?

Rank 1, 2, and 3

Depends if 1. Green comes back and 2. Cam comes back.

Carolina is run-first and CMC soaks up a lot of targets.
Tate is a WR 2-3 right now. Mediocre QB with a crappy line and not a lot of time to get space. I’m actually surprised Mixon isn’t more involved in the passing game.

Right now: Robinson > Tate = Samuel

Thanks bud. I would agree. I’m fading Tate because of Green’s return as well. I actually think Carolina is a top 6 team this year and way better without Cam.

Based on overall target share and RZ targets trends, there is a scenario where Tate becomes the 2 when Green comes back. Samuel probably doesn’t have the TD upside the other two have, regardless of QB, and don’t forget Trubisky SUCKS.