Allen Robinson Dropped

Someone dropped him in our 12 team standard league, is he worth a pick up? We use priority so doubt I’ll get him but my RB/WR core is below is he worth dropping anyone from below?
RB - Gordon, Fournette, Cook, Mixon, Coleman, Kerryon
WR - Baldwin, Gordon, Hogan, Davis, Godwin

You have a solid team so I wouldn’t sweat it honestly but if you wanted to pursue him I would recommend dropping Hogan. With the addition of Josh Gordon and once Edelman comes back it will be hard to tell what Hogans role will be.

Thanks for the quick reply, I’m getting lured in by the target volume to be honest which gives him a safe floor compared to a lot of my guys until Baldwin gets back and is healthy.

Edelman is also a FA at the moment, he went unnoticed when he was dropped last time i think. Godwin is a rental this week against the Steelers and then i’ll have to get a QB for week 4 (i have Cam) but drop Hogan after this week and get Edelman? I need Hogan vs Detroit i don’t think Gordon is a start in his first week

I like your squad, but ARob is the clear go-to in Chicago. If I’m managing your team I’d drop Godwin. There are so many mouths to feed in TB right now that it’s really hit or miss.

I agree on the mouths to feed but at the moment i’m renting a WR each week to stream vs the matchup until Baldwin gets back and now if Gordon performs/ Davis steps up etc or i’ll get a guy like Robinson or Edelman in for full time. But Godwin vs that shaky Steelers D with Fitz playing how he is surely Godwin is the play this week?

Or would you say go safe and get the targets? (I know logically that’s the smart move but i need the upside this week i’m against a Gronk and Brady stack vs DET)

I would almost just play Hogan and Godwin. Godwin gives a bigger upside with Fitzmagic and if Hogan scores it kind of counters Brady throwing the TD. Also it will depend on how much they say Gordon will play. I would pay attention to the news and info to come on him.

How on earth did you get all this rbs in a 12 man. Has to be a keeper league right? Lol
I wouldn’t drop any of those guys except Godwin maybe.

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It’s my thinking on the scoring TDs as well, we have 4pt passing TDs (still) vs 6pt receiving so if Hogan can get some yards and a score or two again i’ll be able to counter Brady somewhat. Possibly trade Hogan after a good game in a package. Clear a bench spot and get a QB and Robinson in and Edelman the following week 5 or take him week 4 if Robinson is gone. Yes i’ll keep an eye on the news for Gordon

The draft went a bit crazy early, two guys went QB very early. I started Melvin and Fortunate third back was Henry (mistake) who i packaged with Arob funnily enough for Cook before week 1. I also sniped Conner from the wire and offered the Bell owner an out to keep the Steelers backfield instead of everyone coming after Bell and flipped Conner and Stills for Hogan and Mixon - he was tilting at this point.

Yeah i’ll see how it goes, really want a piece of the passing game vs PIT this week with Tampa playing as they are