Allen Robinson for AB?

My other WRs are Hilton, Christian Kirk and garbage. Should I offer Robinson for AB?

I would personally avoid AB like the plague if you are going to need him every week. For 1 I don’t think he will be what he has been in the past years because his QB is trash. I also don’t trust that he will play the entire year. His upside is probably higher, but I don’t trust him or the Raiders. I’m very biased against him though.

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I would offer the trade. I don’t think they will accept it though. I have AB and I’ve been following the news a lot. I ignore the drama and remember he’s the bet WR in every stat since 2010. Brown has the higher upside compared to Robinson. Robinson is on a struggling bears team with an above average Qb. I’d take the talent

I don’t love Carr but I don’t hate him. People forget a couple years ago he was in the running for an MVP. Then he lost his weapons and protection. This year his line and running back has improved