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Allen Robinson for Brandin Cooks?


Would you guys take that trade? Give up Robinson for cooks? 0 PPR league.


So this is a standard league? So you want touchdown upside? My real answer is; too soon to do anything. My safe side says keep Cook. I love the upside of Robinson. He looked solid.


Sorry I thought you had Cooks. I keep Robinson. It just seems more exciting to me!


So you’d keep whichever one you had? Lol. I was leaving towards keeping Robinson, but I checked the Ffootbalers rankings and they had cooks way higher than Robinson. I was just worried there’s something I’m missing.


Robinson looks good. Trubisky is my concern and it sounded like Jason’s as well. Robinson could very well be better at the end of the season. Weekly rankings always changing. Cooks also looked good and McVay himself is very high on Cooks which is evident from the contract. Both have upside. We haven’t seen who Trubisky’s redzone best friend will be yet. We know Goff is hitting Kupp and Gurley. There’s arguments for both sides. I find Robinson more exciting!


I’d go Robinson strictly because there is less competition for targets and you know he’s the #1. The rams will score more but good luck predicting who the WR to start is any given week. I personally try to stay away from that kind of guessing game.