Allen Robinson for JRob/ Corey Davis

I got an offer to receive Allen Robinson for James Robinson and Corey Davis. I wouldn’t mind the receiver boost. Show I accept? 10 man half ppr

Qb: Tannehill
RB: Cook, Mixon
WR: Julio, Godwin
TE: Kittle
Flex: Antonio Brown, Damien Harris

Corey Davis
James Robinson
Jamaal Williams
Jameis Winston
Darnell Mooney

I like the trade for you. Corey Davis could be something this year, but probably going to be inconsistent. Allen Robinson is going to be good and maybe gets an upgrade at QB early in the season.

Who says it’s a receiver boost?

Davis is currently up 18 pts in half-PPR scoring, and he has the better QB.

I like it. You needed a WR1 to put next to Godwin in your starting lineup and you got one.

A-Rob has had garbage QB play over the past few years and has averaged 100 catches and 1,200 yards despite that. You basically saw his floor last week in a bad matchup where he still drew 11 targets.

I like Davis, but this is a season-long upgrade. Last week was a ceiling game for him, not the norm.

And you determined this how, from the sample size of one?

No, from the not-so-small sample size that has been his career in which he was never a weekly TD threat even with better quarterback play.

Two TD (against an awful defense)is a ceiling game for nearly any receiver, so that’s in no way a stretch to say.

I’ll take Robinson’s track record and target share over Davis considering neither has optimal offensive situations.

If we start judging guys on one week and not track record or matchup, I guess we can start discussing Elijah Mitchell for Derrick Henry trades.

I don’t know that he DID have better QB play, and any sample size that doesn’t include him as the WR1 for the Jets is irrelevant–so you have a relevant sample size of one.

From the amount of FAAB that was blown on him, that can’t be far behind.

Oh, so if it’s a different situation with a different team, we can’t count empirical evidence from past performance when it comes to determining who that player is. Got it - I’ll remember that.

As irrelevant as past performance with different teams may be to you, a single game is even less relevant when it comes to predicting long-term success or usage - ESPECIALLY at the WR position with the peaks and valleys that happen throughout the course of a season.

Extrapolating a one-game sample size is a foolish practice, so we’re really talking about hypotheticals on how efficient that Jets offense and passing game will be.

So - hypothetically - do I foresee Corey Davis as the WR1 on the New York Jets (with a rookie quarterback) approaching the 100 catch-1,200 yard average that Allen Robinson has proven capable of with sun-optimal quarterback play? No, I do not.

You can feel free to take Davis and the Jets offense and I’ll take A-Rob and we’ll compare notes at the end of the year.

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Are those “notes” the spendable kind, or is this just posturing?

Predictable response when you can’t address valid points.

Sure, Axe. I’ll put $20 on A-Rob finishing with more PPR points than Corey Davis for the season.

All points already addressed; now we’re just at a difference of opinion–and one of them is Axe Elf’s.

This discussion has been in the context of a half-PPR league, so I will take the bet under half-PPR scoring.

And so I can find this easily later on: ABCDEFG1234567

Works for me

Just to add some parentheticals here, I always wondered why Davis wasn’t a better NFL receiver, since he was such a beast in college (332 receptions for 5,285 yards, 15.9 ypc, and 52 TDs over 4 years).

I think it was just that he never had a good QB. He was suffering along under Mariota for his first three years, then had the best season of his career under Tannehill–but still second fiddle to Brown–and now he’s got the spotlight gig all to himself, with what looks like the best rookie QB of this class so far zeroed in on him.

Barring injury, all your base are belong to us.

That’s not entirely accurate.

First two years, sure. Mariota was trash, but Davis was the WR1 in Tennessee in 2018 and underwhelmed. Even still, let’s eliminate those first two years.

He had a completely locked-in Tannehill for 10 games in 2019 and was pedestrian (one game over four catches, seven with three or less).

And then last year - great season as a #2, but that’s very much what he was. A WR2 on a team that was run-first and opened up much of its passing game with play action.

So now he has the WR1 gig to himself on a team that can’t run. If you’re going to take him over a guy like Robinson, then you’re banking on at least one of two things being true:

A) The Jets offense/QB situation is going to be solid enough to support that sort of output from Corey Davis.


B) His target share as “the guy” will be high enough to where even if Wilson isn’t a world beater, the volume alone for Davis will lead to great end-of-season numbers.

The problem is that based on your bad QB take with his early career, A needs to be true for B to matter. He has yet to show an ability to overcome subpar quarterback play and the person throwing him the ball this year is a question mark.

Do I think he COULD do it? Absolutely. I think he’s a talented receiver and if Wilson hits, this will be the best possibility in his career to show out. I’m high on him and think he’s gonna have a good year.

I’m just not predicting a top 12-15 finish for him and I KNOW that’s something that Robinson can do regardless of who is throwing him the ball (Blake Bortles, Nick Foles, Mitch Trubisky).

They both have the opportunity to dominate the target share for their respective teams and put up WR1 numbers - I’m just betting on the guy who has actually done it.

We shall see, as “Oh Wow, Axe Elf Was Right All Along” season progresses…

…like clockwork

Tick tock…

I’m confused…you saw what happened last week, right?

Weird little comments like this probably carry more wait when the star rookie doesn’t just throw four picks and Davis does better than 2 catches-8 yards, right?

The weight it carries is that despite failing to outscore Willie Snead in Week 2, Corey Davis is still 10 half-PPR fantasy points ahead of ARob on the season–and ARob now has an Ohio State QB–and not just any Ohio State QB, but one drafted by the Bears, to boot–throwing him the ball.

Do you want to pay now, or let it play out a little more…?

You’re talking a lot like someone who has either never played fantasy before (which I know isn’t true) or like someone who doesn’t know much about the Jets STELLAR history of drafting quarterbacks (I think Zach Wilson just threw another pick!!!)

Two games does not a season make. I’ll go ahead and wait it out.