Allen Robinson or Delanie Walker

Well someone new dropped Allen Robinson and Delanie Walker (dont ask). I will attempt to get both on waivers but which should i shoot for first. WRs are emmanuel sanders, goodwin, will fuller, TE is Jordan Reed. I have other WR flyers like smoky brown and mike williams. Standard league. Leaning Walker due to Reed injury danger.

You’re pretty solid at WR. I’d go Walker first, then Robinson.

Eww , that’s a hard one. I would probably do the same, hoping Robinson will at least be your number 3 seems riskier than Delanie Walker most likely ending up as your starting tightend.

I guess I just don’t get it, but I’d definitely shoot for Robinson. You can trade Allen for other weapons and just stream TEs.

Yeah, there is little to get. Guy dropped arob for calvin ridley. Im just trying to capitalize. Streamning would be tough because several teams have taken 2 TE. Walker projected to be good with new OC. I loved ARob 2 years ago but i just havent heard anything about training camp. He played 10 plays week 3. The upside though…rbs are gotdon fournette cmc royce freeman and shady.

This is the most absurd thread I’ve seen.

Allen Robinson does not belong on any waivers. The fact that it happened in your league means there’s someone in there who doesn’t have a god damn clue what he was doing.

If Robinson hit my waiver, I would spend every single $ to get him. He is a 4th round draft pick player and the WR1 in that offense who is 2 years removed from 1400 yards and double digit TDs.

I don’t even know why this a question. Go get Robinson immediately, it’s not even a debate.

Oh wow. I don’t understand how this question needed to be asked.

See, if you told me that your wrs were A Brown, OBJ and Julio I’d still say go get Robinson NOW because he is a just a vastly more valuable fantasy asset than Walker. But your wrs are really, really weak. Robinson steps in and immediately becomes your wr1.

The fact that this question had to be asked, and then the first 2 people immediately said, yeah, go get Walker, is mind boggling.

Definitely Robinson…

I would pick up both. Drop Brown and Williams. Priority order AROB then Walker. No brainer