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Allen Robinson or Demaryius Thomas


It seems in most of my mock drafts in the third round if i’m going for a WR it’s always between these two guys.

I can see reasons for both but the way I see it.

Demaryius Thomas is safe. He most likely isn’t going to be amazing like previous years but his floor is high.

Allen Robinson has a much higher ceiling and he is Bortles #1 target in the redzone. Also with the addition of Fournette I feel like he will have more passing opportunities. But he has the chance of being “Bortles’d”

What are your thoughts I feel like I lean Allen Robinson.


I tend to agree with you on your breakdown of the players. And because of that I would say it depends on your roster construction. Do you already have solid WRs that you can count on at the position? If so, maybe you take a shot at Robinson. If you’re still looking for some consistency I’d go with DT

For me personally, I don’t like either of their team situations and I’m not targeting either of these guys.

I’d prefer to take a chance on Pryor’s upside, or Davante Adams, or definitely Watkins if he’s still around.


I guess I have been taking 2 Rb’s as my first two picks in a lot of the mocks. The problem with Watkins is that this is going to be my WR1 so I need someone that is not that risky (injury wise). I love Pryor but there are so many weapons on that team and with it being his first year I cannot commit to that over these two guys. Lastly Devante Adams could be this years Randle cob. With those three players the risk factor is much higher than the two I posted. So I just cant take them as my WR1. But I see the argument if they are my WR2.


Out of those 2 I still like DT. He has had 5 straight 90 rec 1000+ yard seasons. Including dumpster fire year Peyton. If anything I think he can improve on his stats from last year since Siemian, Lynch have another year each. Robinson has had one good season and it seems they are wanting to run more and lean on their D.

I like Watkins best, but out of those two I take DT.


I think the clear choice is Demaryius. The Jaguars have been heaping praise onto Fournette and Doug Marrone is even saying he barely wants Bortles to throw the ball. I don’t think Allen Robinson even has more upside than Demaryius Thomas anymore, and given Demaryius’ consistency even with poor QB play throughout the years, I’d much rather have Thomas.


I have been facing the same choice in mocks and I go DT. I had Robinson last year and he screwed me over.


I kinda cringe at this choice too. It’s dt for me though. You judt have a track record of being successful. Arob, has 1 year. Take your safer pick and be happy good sir.


neither of these are sexy names this year like in years past but i think i prefer thomas.