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Allen Robinson over Odell


Thinking about keeping Allen Robinson over Odell. Have the 10th overall pick in a 10 man standard PPR league. Odell would be 1st round keeper. Arob 9th. In my mocks I have guys like Michael Thomas, Dez or Jordy at the 10th pick. Do I go one of those guys+arob or just Odell? I believe in robinsons talent but the QB situation is terrible. Help!


If Robinson had an average qb you might want to keep him for that value, but I’d go with ODB.


Is there a limit on hiw long you can keep a player? Escalating cost? If not, I’d probably go with ARob. At worst, he’s your WR3 for. 9th round pick, and you still get a good WR1 in the first. Henne should at least provide basic competence, which should allow the talent to shine through, and I’m sure they’ll be in the market for a better QB. Locking up that talent that late is just too good for me to pass up.