Allen Robinson trade(Standard)

I was offered Marvin Jones Jr and Evan Engram for Allen Robinson, should I accept this trade?

I have Mitch Trubisky and my other WRs are Brandin Cooks and DJ Moore

Depends if you need a TE

Oh sorry forgot to mention, my TE is Kyle Rudolph

For now I wouldnt take the trade. I know Marvin Jones was injured in the last game and was getting an MRI. I havent heard how bad it is yet.

No I would Keep ARob

Engram hasn’t really found his spot yet this season so I’d pas

No way. As inconsistent as Robinson has been I keep him especially if Moore is your other WR. Engram has been a huge disappointment and didn’t even get looked at until garbage time Monday. Off last weeks hype you can get more then that. Plus Jones left with a knee issue and while they said it isn’t serious that’s the last thing I wanna deal with come playoff time