Allen still a buy low candidate?

Trade Davis and Drake for Keenan Allen? Standard.

I do still think you can potnetially buy low on Allen, but don’t expect him to be the week winner he was drafted to be. Think of this like Michael Thomas of 2017. On a team with running backs that are absolutely dominating, and he is receiving targets with ADOT’s much lower than we are used to. He is liekly to end as a back end wr1, but won’t win you very many weeks, and will feel more like a steady wr2. Mariota scares the crap out of me, but I keep the Davis Drake side for upside, and Allen side if I need safety.

Idk I feel like I need more safety. I had 5 players this week that had less than 5 points! I have Kamara and CMC so I feel like that’s my upside on my team. I just need my other players to show up… Another note; Allen hasn’t seen the Endzone since week 1 so I think were going to see some positive regression in that category, right?

I also have Royce who I can swap in instead of drake…

By the sounds of it, I would do this trade. Stabilize the wr corp a bit, and you are more than fine at rb obviously. I agree he will get a handful of touchdowns, but like Thomas in 2017 could drop more in that 4-7 range than 8-12. Either way, I would pull the trigger by the sounds of it, and I would give Drake over Freeman. Love Drake, but had half the carries of Gore this week and is on one of the worst offenses in football.

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