Allen vs Bernard Dynasty

Javorius Allen or Giovanni bernard dynasty. I understand the benefits of each just looking for opinions.

Haha woops sorry dude just did something weird to your post while trying to move it to the “dynasty” section. But I lean Buck Allen. I think he has more immediate value and somehow always finds a way to be relevant. He has carved out a role for himself that I believe he should be able to hold onto. I dont see Gio being more than a high value handcuff, seems like theyre giving Mixon as much work as possible, and I dont see Gio being good enough to be traded to be the “the guy” somewhere.

I guess it depends what you want. The weekly meh option or the high value handcuff that is pretty much unuseable without injury ahead of him.

Lol that’s exactly where I’m at with it. Like those exact thoughts. Really my only question is what are the odds of joe Mixon getting hurt again. In terms how how common is it for rbs to have that reoccurring injury.