Allison - stash or drop?

Hey everyone,

Not sure if it’s too early to freak out, but I’m in a big 12 team league (with some ridiculous scoring) but that doesn’t weigh on my decision. My WR’s are Woods, Robby Anderson, Allison, Mike Williams and AJ Green. I just dropped Pettis for Andrews, TE.

I missed out on the waiver pickup of Mclaurin, but available WR’s out there would be Amendola, Chark, Dorsett, Conley and AJ Brown. I could even pick up Burkhead and put him in the flex spot.

Too early to freak out on Allison or scoop one of these guys???

Look out below, son. Pick up AJ

If I remember reading correctly, I’m just worried since the dude only got like 3 receptions, this game might just be an outlier and not a consistent thing. Also, forgot to mention, Mecole Hardman is available too

I think I drop Allison right now and pick up amendola, the guy is just getting peppered with targets, plus then have Vikings defense this week, so if he flops again he will still be there to pick back up

@Bromontana23 no that was MVS. Allison didn’t even draw a target

Thanks for the replies…

What if I mentioned that the scoring is very high. Like 1pt per yard, and PPR. So if the receiver is like someone who might get like 2 catches, 40 yrds and a TD…or 7 for 90. Just something to think about I guess. Also, I mentioned above, Hardman is available. Since HIll will miss time, maybe I could use him for a few weeks.

@SchlaggedReceiver I know what you’re saying. What I meant was that AJ went 3 for 4. That’s not exactly a lot of targets, lol.

@Bromontana23 oh lol it sounded like you we’re talking about Allison and saying not being targeted was an outlier.

If Hardman is there I’d take him over AJ

Sweet. Thanks again.

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Should I pick up Amendola and drop M Goodwin? I’m wanting to improve my bench. I have Vance McDonald, M Goodwin, Big Ben, Justin Jackson

Yeah I like the add of Danny amendola, I dropped Marvin Jones for amendola in my league but I have a lot of depth at Wide receiver

Thank you for your help. Good luck this week.