Almost Illegal Dynasty Superflex Recruiting

From the people who brought you Atlanta Footclan and ATL Dynasty comes:

Almost Illegal Dynasty Superflex (Aids)

What is Aids all about? Why should you look into making Aids a crucial part of your life?

  • AIDS goes hard with 10 starting positions: 1 QB, 1 Q/R/W/T Flex , 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 R/W/T Flex.

  • Waivers are for wimps, so AIDS runs deep: 12 Teams with deep 20 player benches and 2 IR spots.

  • AIDS is free financially, but the price to your pride, integrity, and decency may be enormous.

  • AIDS will be with you forever, as league fun and engagement will be fostered by every league member occupying a position within the league. Each of these positions will have small duties that add to the fun AIDS can bring to your life.

  • In order to promote the appropriate amount of trash talking, hatred, and debauchery, AIDS will have a wrestling theme. Throughout the fantasy season, wrestling themed match-types will add a layer of strategy and drama like you have never experienced before.

If you would like to learn more about our league, join our league's GroupMe channel, or share AIDS with your friends and family, please click on the Nature Boy below!

Start-Up Info

  • Sleeper will be the platform.
  • GroupMe channel for league communication.
  • Recruitment during Jan., Feb., and March if need be.
  • A slow Vet only draft to take place using Sleeper during the combine/free agency hype. During the Vet draft, positions in the rookie draft will be drafted. For example, someone may use the 3.01 pick in the Vet draft to draft the 1st position in the rookie draft.
  • A slow rookie draft will take place during the post NFL draft hype.


Howdy Mr. Timothy, I sent you an email, but I will also respond here with some information for you or anyone else who might be curious.

We started our first free “Footclan League” a few years ago, and we just completed our 3rd successful season. It is my humble opinion that we took a group or random fantasy fanatics and built something quite special. Over the years, our league has spawned active year-round chat channels, in-person meet ups, a spin-off dynasty league, a podcast on league happenings, websites dedicated to the leagues, and lasting friendships. I warmly invite anyone interested in seeing what we are about to join any of our chat channels and other league stuff! Links below:

This sounds like quite a unique & engaging league. If you’re still looking, I’m open to giving it a shot. My email is

We are down to only one spot left if anyone is interested!

I would be interested if you have a spot left. Im a very active owner and I like were your going with this league. My email is

I’m very interested if there is still a spot left!