Already asked but need advise

I’m in a 12 team half ppr my team right now is
Alex Smith

Kareem hunt
Melvin Gordon
Marshawn Lynch
Carlos Hyde
Aaron Jones
Bilal Powell

Amari Cooper
Golden Tate
Emmanuel Sanders
D.J. Moore
John Brown
Sammy Watkins

Ben Watson

New Orleans DEF

I need a kicker before season I want to trade for a better WR but nobody trades in my league so if I can’t find a good trade who do I cut? Also if I wanted to grab a better WR like Green or someone around there what trades would you be willing to make? Thanks for the help

I’d go with cutting John Brown.

It’s difficult to give you trade options, because it would have to be team dependent and I don’t know how their teams are constructed. But in a vacuum, I would probably expect something no less than Lynch and Cooper both for AJ Green.


That’s where I was leaning too. Have a lot of usable WRs on waivers so worse case I pick him back up later or someone like him