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Already drafted.. Check out my team


Just finished my 10 team Half PPR draft last night… I don’t like drafting this early but hey majority rules. I’m personally in love with this team. What do you guys think?

QB: Cousins
RB: J. Howard
RB: M. Gordon
WR: D. Thomas
WR: T. Pryor (a small reach but I’m a believer)
TE: E. Ebron
FLEX: T. Montgomery
D/ST: Pats
K: Janikowski

D. Woodhead
W. Snead
A. Abdulla
B. Marshall
S. Perine
D. Henry
A. Thielen

Thoughts? Also, I really wanted Baldwin but he went just before my D. Thomas pick… do you guys think it’d be worth it to offer D. Thomas and like D. Henry for Baldwin? or do you think pairing a safe guy like Thomas with a potential bust in Pryor is the better route… or should I just wait until preseason is over in the offchance that Murray blows out his knee lol.

EDIT: I decided to not budge on DT… I like Baldwin more but I’m less comfortable pairing a boom/bust guy with the relatively unproven Pryor. Thanks for the replies.


Man I love that team, great job! Except maybe for Marshall, lol, but it’s all good. Definitely hold on to Henry, Murray already has a minor injury.


Yeah Marshall wasn’t on my list at all going into it… it was a last second panic pick. I was looking at Decker and he went right before me so I was thrown off and couldn’t decide… I needed WR depth at the pick but was contemplating reaching on some RB handcuffs. Time wound down and Marshall just looked like the right guy at the moment… It was purely a name recognition pick lol. He’s not a guy I’m gonna start weekly or anything… he’ll just a FLEX upside play since the Giants like to go 3 wide inside the 10 and he’ll be by far the biggest target in the endzone…


Don’t make the trade for Baldwin. Having DT as a dependable WR helps offset the boom/bust of Pryor. I don’t like to have all boom/bust for my WR corps.


Very nice. Not sure about Woodhead, unless you’re in a PPR he’s a great pickup. The rest is great!


It’s half ppr… and it’s only him and West on that team now… Dixon is out for the season. If Woodhead stays healthy (big if)you gotta expect at least 70 receptions and a handful of TDs. Besides he’s pretty much just there as a flex play when necessary.


I’d be very, very happy with that team. I’d hold onto DT and Henry.


I definitely think you’re looking good at this point. Love the looks of Cousins, Howard, Gordon, Thomas, Pryor, and Ty Mont. And your bench looks strong. Good job my friend. Just hope I feel as comfy with my team when my draft hits Aug. 27!!!


Although my draft is FULL PPR. But still think you’re good!!!


Your team is fantastic. Until further notice you should not do a thing. So many strong options.


Well said Jwatson!!!


Love that team. Well done.


yeah after considering everything I decided to not budge on Thomas… I like Baldwin more but my RBs are strong enough imo that just getting the expected 10-15 points from Thomas should be enough to win most weeks… if my RBs were weaker I’d feel more inclined to go with the higher upsided lower floor Baldwin.


Honestly, the some of the consitency numbers the 'Ballers put out there in one of the recent pods regarding Baldwin all but guarantees I won’t be touching him. I hadn’t realized quite how boom or best he really is.


Yeah I saw that too… I mean he isn’t exactly Cooks or anything… and he did finish almost 30 points ahead of DT by end of season last year… But he’s still more boom or bust than I’d like when pairing him with the relatively unproven Pryor. Though I’m really loving that he’s getting all this extra time with Cousins lately… makin me feel reeeeal good.