Already won, do you just bench your players?

If you’re already winning and your opponent has no more players for MNF, do you just bench your guys just for safety about the complete improbable happening (like fumbles, etc.)

I guess it depends on how much you’re winning by and what your player’s role is in the offense…but generally, I would never do that unless it was maybe a defense with a bad matchup.

Agreed. Dont do it. If its a Defense probably then. Some leagues might have payouts for most points scored. Also the standings are based on points if you have the same record

I’m going to be 6-0 just wanted to secure it Incase Adams like has 3 fumbles (I don’t know my luck might just die out and f me over)

Not unless you are winning by a substantial margin already. Which I would define as his point projection I suppose. There are a lot of scenarios where 10 points or so can alter your chances when it’s playoff time.

I think you’re better off leaving him in. Total points are usually a tie breaker for teams to get into the play offs. Even though you are 6-0 now there is still a lot that can happen.
Last year there were 4 teams that ended up with the same record in my league, all 4 were within 25 total points of each other, 1 of which made it to the playoffs. I missed out by less than 1 point thanks to a last second field goal from Chris Boswell. Wins are much more important but you cant count out the total points either. Sorry for the novel by the way.

With @wally here.
I’m up by 6.10 points and have George Kittle.
It would take three fumbles or some serious negative yardage for me to lose.
I’m at 160 points and this will put me at 1st in the league for Points For (even with a 2-4 record.)
So for me to be sure I can secure a tie breaker in my league for playoff time I’m soaking up all I can.

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Once i was winning by 2pts, removed my TE from the line up exactly to avoid a fumble.
Woke up tuesday with stat corrections and 3 more points for my opponents D/ST lol i ended up staying out of the playoffs, tied in W/L but lost on the gead to head record against the guy that beat me cause i took mt TE out

Since then, i never benched anyone again.

And also, i enjoy scoring as much as i can against my friends. Im winning by 80pts versus one of my best friends, and only have davante to play tonight for my team. Hoping for a 20pt game from him so i can give my boy crap all season about this defeat lol