Alright boys, I need advice

Guy in my Dynasty offered me
Allen Robinson
Delanie Walker
& the Saints D
Alshon Jeffery
& Kyle Rudolph

My other WR’s are Cooks & Boyd (with some other sleepers & rookies)
I also have Ebron as my TE1 (from another trade I made, I’m trying to unload Rudolph)
I’ve been streaming D so it doesn’t really matter to me.
My main concern is the lack of a WR1 since I unloaded Hill (before the news on his non-suspension)
What should I do here?

If you’re indifferent to the Saints D I would rather have Alshon and Rudolph. With Wentz healthy, Alshon’s upside seems way better than Robinson. As for TEs well I would probably prefer Rudolph over Walker for a dynasty as Walker is 34 and Rudolph is 29.