Alright FootClan.. Playoff run help!

Alright… currently sitting at the 5-4 mark… last seed in the playoff.

Decent roster but needing some advise…

Current team is:


Dalvin Cook
Jamaal Williams

Manny Sanders
Corey Davis

(Stream, Currently B Watson)


Starting team without bye’s (and healthy) would be:

This leaves Chubb and Manny out of my roster. Should I try and package these two and get a top tier WR? Or any two of Boyd/Jarvis/Manny/Chubb/Cook to get a top tier guy? Or stand pat?

Any advice would be great, sorry for the long post.

Sanders is a WR1 and has played like one all year, idk why your ideal lineup puts him in the bench. He’s honestly probably the WR1 on your team.


Thats fair, that is kinda where im stuck. I see him/kipp/boyd/jarvis very similarly. You could probably switch most of those guys around.

With all due respect I dont think Landry belongs in that group, he gets enough targets sure but Mayfield can’t seem to hit him(only 70% of Mayfield’s targets to Landry are catchable, meaning his real targets per game are closer to 7 than 10).
Kupp and Sanders are about even imo(I still prefer Sanders), Boyd slightly behind & Landry a distant 4th.
I traded away Sanders early in the year and have regretted it when I put Landyin his place, luckily I was able to move Landry soon after once I noticed how inaccurate or not in sync Mayfield was.

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Yeah I guess when you look at the numbers you are right on that.

So then my question would be, would you roll with Goff/kamara/cook/Sanders/Kupp/Gronk/Boyd(or Chubb)
or try to move Jarvis + whoever I wouldnt play in my flex for another better receiver?

Or keep the depth and play matchups?

I’d probably try to package Kupp plus Landry for an elite WR. My thought process behind this is that Boyd’s name isn’t sexy(but his numbers are), so his trade value is less than his actual value. But if Boyd + Landry lands you an elite WR than that would be preferable.

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Points on your bench don’t count, I’d try upgrading if you find an opportunity. If there’s no opportunity, having solid backup is not a bad thing

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Yeah I feel ya, especially headed into the playoffs. Appreciate the advice, will post back if I am able to work something out.

Secondary quick question for ya, granted I stay pat, do you like Boyd in the flex or Chubb? or matchup dependent. Full PPR. Think itll partially depend on AJ Green and his impact on the offense.

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In full PPR I prefer Boyd in the flex, I typically lean towards WRs to flex because they’re easier to obtain and those reception points add up quick.

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Yeah agree. Chubb is a fine RB but not a whole lot of receptions. Would Mike Evans or Robert Woods be worth of flipping Jarvis + ? Woods better offense but would have another Ram on my team.

Or Keenan?

Because of who you already have, I’m thinking of making a package for a top 5 WR. Anything else is mostly a lateral move and would be better off with depth just in case

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I’d add Julio and OBJ who have “underperformed” cause they’ll get it done

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Cool. Sadly, most of those are keepers already locked for next year. So i may stay pat. Hopefully my team over performs. There are some stacked teams in my league this year since sadly draft picks are always for sale before the deadline, and the teams who are out, are selling lol

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Oh I was thinking redraft lol, I’m not as familiar with keeper, but I wish you the best of luck. This advice is still viable looking at this season alone

Well, it is redraft with a single keeper. Didnt mean to make that confusing

Anyone else have thoughts on this?