Alshon available

Standard. Someone dropped Alshon.

Don’t need him this week but would you drop Hardman for him?

I would, but with caveat that there are 3 things you can count on in life: Death, taxes and Alshon getting hurt/being on the injury report most every week.

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ok thanks. Would you grab Shepard , Deebo or Washington over him or stick with Hardman over them all.

OMG…I want to be in a league where coaches drop Alshon just because he got hurt versus ATL. He’ll be a focal point in Wentz’s downfield reads all year.

Grab him.

Of ALL the guys named in this thread, he’s by far the most viable.

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Ok have to drop Hardman for him …

Thanks . Better than Hardman long term probably ?

Should be, especially when Hill returns.

Grabbed him. Thanks