Alshon J and chiefs D for Demaryius Thomas?

Trading away Alshon Jeffrey and Chiefs D/ST for Demaryius Thomas. Worth it? Alshon Jeffrey hasn’t done much and had a good QB situation in Phi. D. Thomas had a shitty QB situation. Help?

Looking at their stat lines, you wouldn’t think it makes sense but if it were me I would take it. You’re not really losing much with the Chiefs D and Thomas has a more favorable schedule, especially come FF playoffs.

Very true. I wasn’t to open worried about the Chiefs D since I now have the Lions and Bills D. Just wondered if DT was worth getting for Jeffrey. I think the FF playoff matchups made the decision easier. Thanks!

I totally get the point about the fantasy playoffs (SEA and LAR for Alshon, versus MIA and NYJ for Demaryius).

But I still think you stick with Alshon. When both guys are of comparable talent, you go with the receiver who has a better QB throwing to him. Wentz is a far better QB.

Even though Alshon’s chemistry with Wentz is only just developing, he has already made some pretty crucial catches in clutch situations, which is a good sign. Right now, he’s drawing all of the attention and Ertz and Agholor are feasting. Once defenses respect those two, the game could come to Alshon and he could be in for some big games.

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I take that and run. DT and streaming D ROS is the winner of this deal