Alshon Jeffery for Robby Anderson?

Thinking of offering Jeffery for Anderson… Jeffery is going to miss some games and I feel is a little overrated and I feel like Anderson might explode am I way out to lunch on this or should I offer it up?

I am skeptical of Anderson because of the QB situation. I would hang on to Jeffrey.

Depends on OP roster. if WR is weak and they don’t think they can get the wins i’d offer this easily. But if you can hold out through his missed weeks, jeffery is worth more. I have Anderson similar to KB in that a WR1 on any offense is still worthwhile. I think people forget that even a garage NFL offense tends to put up 17 points a game so having the lead target is usually worth 10-12 points per game alone.

By the end of last season, Alshon had fully clicked into the eagles’ offense and came up big when the lights were the brightest (and all with a torn rotator cuff, too).

He’s a better player than Anderson. And much of Anderson’s productivity was dependent upon Enunwa’s absence last year. With Enunwa back, Anderson may not be the focal point he was when he went boom last year.

If you’re patient, Alshon could yield returns for you when it matters most, in November. The eagles play the redskins, cowboys, rams, and texans in weeks 13–16. The first two are very favorable matchups and the second two could turn out to be very high scoring affairs.