Alshon Jeffery or Mike Evans for the championship? Ill help you too!

I currently have Alshon slotted in to stack with Nick Foles, assuming Minnesota doesn’t lose and clinch Philly the top seed. However Evans had a great game last week and it looks like howard and DJax are going to be out so those targets have to go somewhere. Its standard scoring, should I stick with Alshon or play Evans? Thanks everyone and good luck! Ill also help anyone who needs advice on their situation!

@7milestyle I would stick with Alshon, Evans is playing the panthers this week, and the eagles are playing well with foles, its always nice to be able to double dip on points

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Thanks man and thats kind of where I am also leaning! It was nice last week when Foles hit alshon for th 5 yard TD it was like an 11 point play. Im just dreaming of that 60 yard bomb TD from Foles to Alshon since that would be a 20 point play lol. It was also good to see Foles target Jeffery 10+ times and like 4 or 5 of them were endzone targets. I just wnated to come to the forums to not let passion get in the way. Julio is my other WR this week and I have an RB1 in the flex. Julio has been so inconsistent this year, but i just dont think I can bench him with his upside. Thank you very much for your help, and Merry Christmas!!

Julio is my biggest problem too. I have him and Woods lined up currently. I would keep Alshon in that spot though. The Vikings shouldn’t lose and it’s always possible that Carr brings his best game to throw up some points forcing Foles to throw.

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Stick with Alshon, Mike Evans has been too unpredictable this season.
I have Julio as well, I can’t bench him either. The odds of him goosing are low and I don’t think I could live with myself if he was on my bench and went off.

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Yeah that’s where I’m at, as long as Minnesota wins so Philly doesn’t rest their starters. If they somehow lose you GB, I’m planning to play Bortles and Evans. It’s such a crazy season for Julio because he’s position ranked as no. 8 WR on the year but always scores like 5-7 points with the exception of the Tampa game a few weeks back where he went off for 40+ points. I always have to play him, cus I’d beat myself up if he went off on the bench. Also this matchup is huge to me, it’s a rematch of last years championship which I lost because Travis Kelce went off Christmas night. It’s my 3rd year in a row in the championship, won 2 years ago, lost last year, and hoping this years i avenge my loss in the ship to the same person this year. He’s the 1 seed, I’m the 2 seed and I’m currently favored 104-99 in standard. Good luck everyone and let’s get that #footclantitle!