Alshon Jeffery ROS

So, i have to drop someone for a kicker after the waivers happened. Looking at my team, i feel like Jeffery is the guy i could drop this week, but i dont know what to think of him rest of season, after he is back from the injury (probably week 4).
I took Jalen Reagor just now because someone just dropped him for a RB, so i have 2 eagles WRs on my bench and that would be another reason for me to drop him lol

What do you think of Jeffery?

old and slow. i like raegor’s upside and think he has a good chance to be “the guy” in Philly, but so many mouths to feed and so many issues with timing and the o line. Alshon does catch TD’s so there’s that. Goedert appears to be taking a bunch of targets as well so even the TE situation is not quite so clear… I would love other’s opinions as well, not just as a fantasy manager but as a fan.

Makes my nuts because I have DJAX and Reagor not because I was looking for multiple Eagles receivers but made some waiver moves before last week’s games and it just happened. DJAX lost me every league BTW. I always try to slide a SNEAKY SNART onto my bench before the games in case they blow up and thought Reagor had massive upside as Washington was not supposed to be quite as good nor the eagles quite as bad; I got Benny Snell added 10 minutes before kickoff Monday lol.

banish Alshon to the shadow realm

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feels bad but i think thats the move

i agree with the “too many mouths to feed” and i dont think i want to hold alshon for at least 2 or 3 more weeks. But im not throwing him away unless there is someone interesting on the waivers. Sucks that we dont know what is the situation with the eagles WRs, i believe alshon, DJax and Reagor could be very important weapons rn in other nfl teams