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Alshon Jeffery vs Amari Cooper


Generally, I do all of my mock drafts (and many of my redraft leagues) on ESPN. Currently, though differing ADP, Jeffery and Cooper sit at the backend of Round 2 and I always find myself grabbing one of them…which one should I prefer? I tend to lean Jeffery because I believe he will he be a target monster in Phillys offense without a reliable number 2…


I’d take Cooper over Jeffery. Jeffery has struggled to stay healthy, and Cooper has yet to miss a game. Also I think there are more weapons in Oakland’s offense to draw attention away from Cooper. Jeffery has only really had fantasy success when he’s had a talented receiver line up opposite of him, he’s been relatively mediocre (for where he’s been drafted) when he’s the WR1 for a team. I think Jeffery will struggle year one in Philly with a lack of talent around him, 1st year in the offense, and having top DB’s focus on him every week.


I like Cooper because I believe he is still trending upward. Alshon is in a new offense with a worse qb, in my opinion, than Cooper.

Truth is I like both guys. But I would need them to be WR 2’s on my roster to make me feel comfortable.


I too would take Cooper over Jeffery. As a Bears fan I’ve seen him since he entered the league and though he is gifted physically and exceeds at getting jump balls, there are to many outside variables like: new team, Josh Norman, and injuries which put him behind Cooper in my opinion.


I like Cooper here, but I’ll be the devils advocate.

Jeffery likely has better TD potential. We know the Crabtree eats in the red zone, and Lynch is sure to take some away as well. Philly did add Blount, and has Ertz, but Alshon is the best bet for Wentz in the Red Zone, and I think he gets tons of targets inside the 20.


Id rather Cooper for a few reasons, Jeffery has had health problems plus Raiders just got rid of Murray to get Lynch who no one knows how long until he gets injured. Cooper is an injury away for Crabtree to being considered next up to be a stud and consensus 1st round WR.