Alshon just hit my waiver, How much FAAB do I spend?

The taco of my league (who doesn’t watch football) just dropped Alshon Jefferies. for Kittle I play with some pretty good players and there’s 2 WR 2 Flex full point PPR. I currently have 51 bidAlgoholics%20Anonymous

I feel like regardless of knowing what the other teams look like everyone is gonna be gunning for this. I feel like 51 is pretty safe but it basically means I have to save the other 49 for a big RB later in the year. If you were in my situation are you balling out to get this wideout?

I don’t think that I would be in a big rush to drop $51 on Alshon… If you know that there’s a market for him that you can turn around and trade him and convert FAAB into a startablr player, go for it. To me $51 to a player with a somewhat unknown injury and a qb to match seems steep.