Alvin Kamara Keeper League trade

In a 12 tm PPR Keeper league and my only shot at an RB1 (based on current rankings) will be drafting Joe Mixon. However, I was offered the following trade:

Give up:
Rd 1 pick 6
Rd 2 pick 14
Patrick mahomes (Round 10 keeper)

Alvin Kamara (Round 1 Keeper)
Rd 1 pick 11
Rd 6 pick 67

Just to be clear, the 11th pick I’d have to use to keep Kamara since he is a first round keeper. My other keeper would be Kerryon johnson (Rd 6 pick 71).

If I did this trade, my first actual pick wouldn’t be til pick 37, but I’d already have Kamara and Kerryon.

Is the trade worth it or hold onto the picks and keep Mahomes in the 10th along with Kerryon?

How well do you think you can draft late? it’s a long wait BUT having Kerryon and Kamara is a dangerous duo. Try some mock drafts and see who you like in the 5th or 6th round at WR and if they are guys you are comfortable with then go for it. With that late of a pick i think you would be lucky to get like a COOKS or WOODS are your #1