Alvin Kamara should be the 1.02 in Dynasty

I took a deep dive into some stats on Kamara. The more I researched the more I became convinced even as a top5 RB were undervaluing him. Take a look at my latest article and let me know what you think

I wouldn’t flinch if you took him R1P1… Barkley’s gonna be sledding uphill as the only player with any upside all year

Zeke is an option in my opinion as well… he’s also only 23 years old, and on top of being used more consistently on all three downs, he’s also behind an o-line with a history of dominance.

Barkley/Zeke/Kamara/CMC are all can’t miss assets in almost all fantasy formats imo (and in any order one could argue).

Kamara has never run for more than , what, 950 yards in any season, college or pro? he’s never been the workhorse ( not that he can’t be!)
If you’re playing in a PPR for RB league, he’s golden. If you’re playing in non-PPR he’s probably behind Zeke, SB, CMC.
The one thing about Zeke is that , as previously stated, he’s playing behind a superior line, with an offensive coach that loves to pound the rock, he NEVER gets hurt not even at Ohio State, he’s a fantastic receiver out of the backfield and he’s a lock for mega carries playing on a very good SB contending team. You can’t go wrong with Kamara, but I think you’re money is best served with Zeke.

I’ve been getting more and more in line with this thinking as well. I actually think there’s a case to be made for him as the RB1 in dynasty because of his longevity due to his playing style and usage. But not the view of most others so I’ve been happy getting the 1.05 and taking Kamara there.

I’m 100% convinced I don’t want to draft 1-3 this year… the value at the 1.04 spot is insane no matter who falls there.

The fantastic thing about Kamara is you can’t really question his usage… Zeke has his disciplinary issues coupled with potential hold out / contract issues… Barkley is playing for a terrible team so there’s potential to regress there… CMC’s doesn’t have as many question marks but I’m concerned about his ability to maintain that snap count…

Kamara is insanely consistent too… he rarely busts, and with Ingram out, there’s no guarantee that Murray just walks in and fills the void just like that. Kamara has the potential to IMPROVE from a usage standpoint.

My top for is entirely amalgamousand any one of them could be the RB1 this year.

I agree with you there depending on how Zeke drama plays out. If its still grey area going into the season, then I’m going with 1.03. Top 3 guys with zero character issues. I’ve been getting Kamara a couple spots in in dynasty SF startups at 1.05 which has been my favorite spot to draft from. I typically don’t draft RBs in the 1st round but Kamara is the one exception I’m willing to make.