Alvin Kamara trade for Dalvin Cook

With the injury to Brees, would you trade Alvin Kamara for Dalvin Cook?

i’d say wait a week to see how Bridgewater plays. i’d think if you league is a PPR i’d stay kamara cause Bridgewater could look at kamara as a means to alleviate pressure.

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It’s tempting given the Minnesota offense runs through cook. But cook has yet to make it through an entire season and Kamara has stayed healthy. I’d stay with kamara, he still has stand alone talent in the run game and brees will be back at some point and I’d imagine he will be looking for short and intermediate passes with the thumb.

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I’m dealing with same scenario. My concern is if Kamara stumbles next week and Cook goes off again…Cooks value might be higher than Kamara. So is now the time?

I have Dalvin Cook currently, and Alvin Kamara is my favorite player. I share that to say, I would LOVE to have Kamara, but the way Cook is going and what I believe about Dalvin Cook, I would not trade my Cook for someone’s Kamara. Hope this helps as the side who already has Cook to think about the offer