Alvin. Kamara

Okay ive been wanting this guy for about a month now but i havent been trying to overpay for him either because of the splash plays… to me… at this point i think its perfectly reasonable to give up Hunt for him… were sitting here hoping the Chiefs figure out that theyre excluding their best player from their offense when we know week in and week out Kamara is a vital weapon to the unstoppable saints offense…

Long storyy short i want to go Hunt and Marvin Jones for Kamara and Thielen…

if i could get that Id be happy but i feel like he might not go for it since Jones just had his worst game of the season and Thielen just dominated… how much more can you really value hunt over kamara? Like how low of a WR should i target with that offer if he wont do thielen?

As a Thielen and Kamara owner, I wouldn’t trade them for Hunt and Jones. It never hurts to offer but I think you’d have to go higher to get them, especially after this week where they were ridiculous.

I would DEFINITELY make the offer. Thielen is a monster and i agree about the above points in regards to Kamara/Hunt…I think i prefer Kamara ROY

If you can get that it would be a great deal. Love Kamara and thielen ros over hunt and jones

Have to agree with everybody else here. I have Kamara and Thielen. In my PPR League if I’d have also started JU JU and R Woods this week…the four of them would have gotten me 116 pts alone!!! Kamara and Thielen look to be on track BIG TIME ROS!!! Of course…I also have Shady who hasn’t done squat past two weeks. So…just so hard to tell. But…ROS at this point looks nice for Thielen and Kamara. I’d have to vote a big…YES!!!

What if i replaced Jones with DT in the offer? DT at least offers a floor like Thielen has… in Full PPR im sure Thielen is a beast but in half ppr hes been rather average… by that i mean like solid WR2 most of the season with a few big games… if i wouldve made the offer last week before his monster game i probably couldve gotten it since Thielen was on a stretch of mediocre 9-12 point games (again half ppr). on top of that he has a rather difficult ros schedule… but it does appear that thielen is almost match up proof and diggs is the one who really suffers from the tough pass Ds… Im not saying that that DT/Hunt would be equal value… obviously I want to do it… im just curious if that would be more enticing of an offer considering the cupcake schedule DT has ros on top the fact that, believe it or not, hes been better with Assweiler (higher volume).

I’m in a PPR one keeper league and own both Hunt and Kamara, and I’m about to select Kamara as my keeper over Hunt. Much will depend on the offseason, but I’m personally not giving up Kamara and Thielen for Hunt and DT.