Alvin kamara

Is it time to offer up Kamara? Thinking about offering up Kamara and Keenan allen for D. Hopkins and joe mixon or just todd gurly what do y’all think?

Don’t panic on Kamara. Both he and Ingram finished top 6 last year. But if you can get Nuke and Mixon, that doesn’t sound bad. I like that idea.

Keenan Allen came on strong last year second half, but if you need output and need to make a move, then that seems like a reasonable trade… Let some others respond…

U are absolutely nuts if u would give up kamara and Allen for that… give it time and don’t stress ur team will come together with those high caliper pieces.

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If it is worth anything, I am rolling with Kamara and Ingram as RB1/2 because I love their potential and production so much.

I personally don’t like the 1,2 punch… it might work out for u but Ingram’s value will go down… last week was very rare and I don’t believe happens again. His value is at a all time high and if I was in that position I would looks to inquire a piece that my team needs… This is kamaras show and everything will be back to normal with him getting more work then ingram after the bye.

I have Yeldon and Fournette to balance things. But Kamara stays in the lineup.

But more importantly, give it 2-3 more weeks before attempting this trade… Let’s see where Keenan Allen stands as the Chargers schedule has been BRUTAL to date, including this week. I think it might make sense to wait before doing this trade. You downgrade in RB for an upgrade in WR, but will Nuke continue to outperform Allen ROS? I think there will be parity…

Kamara + Allen for Hopkins Mixon is a pretty fair deal. Pretty solid. I’d take that deal. But personally, I’m not worried about Kamara and not eager to sell.

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What about thielan for lev bell. I am 5-0 the guy with bell is 1-4 I also have Ridley and marvin jones jr kn rhe bench what do y’all think?

As u can see there are 2 sides to the spectrum… I wouldn’t make the deal but I wouldn’t fault u for making the deal. I would rather have Kamara and Allen ROS on my team.

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I would not trade Thielen for anything short of a Porsche. Like a literal brand new sports car.

Kamara was in a bad situation. He needed rest and Ingram returned. He’s fine. Leave him. What he was doing, no RB could do. He needed a break.