Am I a bad person?

I often shop for trades I want to make after I know someone just suffered a crushing defeat/game.

A guy in my league has over half his team on bye right now. He just went down 40 points.
I am shopping his list (mostly his guys on bye) to see if I can get him to make a devalued trade to try and get his win this week.

Earlier this morning he tried to trade me Agholor for Taylor Gabriel.

Right now I’m staring at his Antonio Brown and trying to think what I can trade with him to give him a shot at winning this week… Perhaps even giving up my chances to win this week (I am up to a 24 point lead.)

Not sure I have anything I can make this trade a reality with though.

No package helps him enough THIS week to get him to bite in my eyes.

Taylor Gabriel + Julian Edelman + Ito Smith is about the best I can come up with to give him some pieces for this week.

But he has Tyreek Hill + Nelson Agholor + Chris Thompson + Matt Breida locked and ready to go.

I wanted to do Cooper Kupp in the package but I want to help him THIS week for my best chance of having him accept a trade.

you are going to hell buddy


Your just the worst

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Off to Hell I go. But at least I can think of all the juicy fantasy points I will have there.

Needed to do something! I have a season winning team but keep having those rough-luck weeks where I get someone on their top score of the season.
I’ve lost with 160 points in 0.5 ppr.

Time to make things happen