Am I a contender this year?

Just done the startup and am trying to gauge whether I am in contention this year.

-10 Team
-25 man roster
-Top 4 teams make playoffs.
-1QB / 2RB / 2WR / 1TE / 2 FLX / 1K / 1D

QBs: Jameis / Tyrod / Baker

RBs: Gurley / Mixon / Michel / Royce Freeman / Ingram / Hyde / Burkhead / J Conner / M Walton / John Kelly

WRs: K. Allen / A. Robinson / S. Watkins / DJ Moore / C. Sutton / C. Kirk / C. Godwin / P. Richardson / G. Allison / J. Ross

TEs: T. Burton / R. Seals

I like that you have Gurley, Mixon, and Allen and believe you are a solid contender this year.

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I feel like I have a lot of gambles with injury risks/ new situations etc…

On a podcast called Dynasty Nerds they talked about who they considered a blue chip player.

You can find the episode here. Note: It was released January 11, 2017, so players situations may have changed.

The point is that there are only a few elite players. The more your have, the more you are a contender. As having/starting them typically dictate success.

I see Gurley as one. K Allen is maybe on the fence. With this being a startup, it’s less likely that a team would have more then 1-2 because they are found within the first 10-12 picks.

Further, you have a lot of rookies (high upside ones). If they hit you are more likely a contender. I would say you are a good middle right now.

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I like it. Don’t read too much into injury. It’s a false narrative a lot of the time. Like Keenan Allen isn’t injury prone. Look at injuries and see if they’re related. If they are, that’s a sign of being injury prone. If once’s they tore something, next time they break something and the next time is a ruptured organ (yes this is Keenan Allen) those injuries aren’t related to each other. Fournette has known knee problems, some people have brittle bones, other people play the most violent sport on the planet and get unlucky.

You have proven talent and lots of upside. Obviously it can go either way with how your rookies and new situations hit but year 1, most teams are in a position to compete and if luck is on your side with those players, you’ll easily compete.

Also Seals-Jones just got arrested this morning so that’s bad luck.

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You’re a contender.

As this week’s risk / reward podcast noted, Ingram could yield late season rewards. I like your RB corps in general and I think you may have set yourself up for sustained success there.

Receiver is your thin spot, but Allen’s a strong number 1. You may be able to deal one of your RBs for a WR later.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the insight guys.

Yeah all my guys seem to be getting suspended, we had our startup just days before the Jameis news broke, I already knew Ingrams PED and now RSJ is at it… :sweat_smile: