Am I an Idiot for this trade?!

So I traded Cole Beasley and Nick Chubb for Lamar Jackson in a dynasty league.

Current roster-

I traded TY Hilton for OBJ and am currently working on aquiring AB for cheap and Singletary for fair trade.

Love to hear you opinions

Yeah, unless Lamar pulls a Mahomes this year, that’s a bad deal. Even if he did I still prolly wouldn’t have done it


What QB did you drop for Lamar? because i think that is an absolutely terrible trade

I wouldn’t be trying to get AB especially in Dynast. That’s my first reaction.

The Chubb trade might be pre-mature especially considering that Jackson just played arguably 2 of the worst defenses in the league. But his passing looked good! Without knowing your full RB depth I can’t accurately comment.

I wouldn’t say you’re an idiot but I certainly wouldn’t have done that trade.

So far I am happy with the trade, I don;t believe the Browns offense is going to be much more then OBJ (whom I aquired for TY Hilton). Chubb is great but he hasn’t been staying on the field all 3 down’s.

As for depth I had Guice (now on my IR). I managed to trade for Devin Singletary for 15 FAAB and swapping 1st and 3rd round picks next year. Now seeing if I can get Mostart for relatively cheap since Singletary may not stay healthy.

Bell is my other back as well. He is the offense for the Jets for the foreseeable future.

I am WR heavy though, and I dropped Jimmy G for Lamar. And I picked up Josh Allen in the 11th. Didn’t know if he would amount to anything.

Also I didn’t pick up AB. They wanted too much and I was only will to offer very little with him being on the fence this year with the allegations and all.