Am i being realistic?

I’m down 13. My opponent has DJ Moore and i have CMC… so you guys think that CMC outscores DJ by more than 13? Or should i just get mentally ready to lose?

PPR or Standard?

I am routing for a big game from samuel so i wanna say yesssss…
But heres the things. Carolina offense runs through CMC. He is going to get volume both rushes and passes.
Everybody on Carolina can break the big play. Likely its going to be a receiver who gets it.
However CMC can easily be in a posistion where they just need a couple of short TD runs, which will jack up his score

You are right in the thick of it, particularly in PPR formats.

You have a chance but I think you’re more likely to lose than not, at least in standard. If Moore gets a TD, it’s going to be tough

I agree with most of the thread. I think you have an advantage in full ppr but are more likely to lose than win in half or standard leagues.