Am I Being Too Antsy?

I love my team but absolutely loathe my QB.

Someone offered me:

Stafford, Golloday, and Drake


Wentz, Kupp, and N.Chubb


They were also open to possibly throwing in Russel Gage for B.Cooks(I’d get Gage).

Why do you think?

I’d take that one, I think you upgrade all 3 positions. I’m reading it that you’re getting Stafford, Kenny G & Drake. The only little heartburn I have with it is you’re adding the two Lions. Not my favorite team as a stack but if Stafford turns it around when Galloday is healthy it can work.

I have Wentz to, I think he’ll turn it around by seasons end but they have ALOT of injuries scaring me.

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Yes, I’m getting stafford, golladay, Drake. I’m leaning towards getting Gage for Cooks too, but that’s a toss up.

I’d take that trade easily. Agreed it’s an upgrade at all positions. Golladay is guaranteed targets and we haven’t seen that for Kupp this year. Plus Chubb is a sell high for me, I’m currently offering Chubb for Drake in the Megalabowl. But keep Cooks, he could be the number 1 for Watson when he gets to 100%

They ended up making cooks for Gage a necessity, but I still did it.

This is an excellent trade. I’d be all over that myself.