Am I being too harsh?

Afternoon footclan.

I’m in a bit of a slump and made some trades that haven’t quite paid off. I’ve gone from being 2nd in the league to now tied with some others for 2nd and I fear my team is done.

My week 11 looks quite even, but I don’t really like my team, basically, I’m after reassurance that my team isn’t that bad. I play in an 8 team standard league.

QB Wentz and Prescott
RB Hunt, crowel, drake, Morris, woodhead
WR Julio Jones, Baldwin, Hopkins, Marvin Jones,
TE is Ertz
Def eagles and Baltimore
K zuerlien

I have a trade going through where I’ve traded Hopkins and Marvin Jones for Jordan Howard and Ginn.

Much love.

I dont like moving the #1 WR (Hopkins) for Howard and Jones who I belive is still top 10 for Ginn. I honestly believe you lost on both accounts here. I do agree that you needed another RB 1 though.

Balls. I did offer the same trade but for McCoy and they guy was hmmmmmm over it for ages. I panicked as the advice from the show was to get rid of Hopkins before the next set of games.

Looking at your team I would say it is going to be fine. You have solid qb1 and qb2. You have Solid Rb1 and Rb2. And Solid Wr1 and Wr2. You also have arguably the top tight end. That being said, I think your flex got a lot weaker with the trade. And to win an 8 team league you basically need to be strong at every single position and have the top 1 or 2 player which I am not sure you do unless Julio and Hunt make big turn arounds. You should still be in the hunt though.

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I think your team is fine.

You have 2 RB1’s now, 2 top 5 QB’s, 2 WR1’s, a top 3 TE, 2 top 5 DST’s, and the #1 kicker. In an 8 man league, I would say your team is competitive.

I would try to get West as a handcuff for Hunt if I was you. You could also try to package one of your QB’s and an RB(Howard) or WR(Baldwin) to level them up – Look for the team who has a bad QB comparatively and see if you can make a deal before the trade deadline.

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Really appreciate the input there peeps. Thanks