Am I being unrealistic re: trades?

I focused on RBs early in my draft (1st three picks: Barkley, Gordon, Mixon), drafted Michel late (12th round) and added Conner and Lindsay during the season. So I am pretty strong at RB as a result. I’ve been trying to trade a RB most of the season but trades are almost impossible in my league. One guy wanted Michel for his TY Hilton. Another guy (I am beating 188 to 145 this week) wanted Lindsay for his Baldwin, now wants Mixon for his Matt Ryan (I start Goff, could replace with Luck if I wanted). I even approached the Bell owner, offered Conner (or his choice of Conner or Mixon) for his Keenan Allen or Mike Evans, he said he was OK adding Chris Carson off waivers.

None of the owners seem to pay attention to trade value charts, all seem to simply want to “win trades”.

Since I focused on RBs my WRs aren’t as strong… JuJu as an almost WR1 and then WR2s and WR3s (Cooks, Sanders, Jones Jr). I’d like to avoid the “which WR2 to start?” since I usually choose wrong (eg, last night started Cooks and Sanders went off). I’d package a RB1 and WR2 to get a WR1.

Am I being unrealistic (Ryan owners says I am being unrealistic and “bogarting” all the RBs)? Any other approaches, or WRs targets that I should be targeting?

btw: WRs are Smith-Shuster, Cooks, Sanders, and Jones Jr. WR1s I would be interested in would be Evans, Allen, Adams, Thielen, Diggs, Tyreek Hil (though guessing Thielen and Hill recent games will make them impossible to get).

I’d say you’re being unrealistic with SOME of these offers. Michel for Hilton straight up, given where you are at RB, seems like a fair trade. Same with Lindsay for Baldwin, depending on which side of the fence you’re on for him. Mixon for Ryan is dumb, I wouldn’t give up Lindsay for Ryan, but most owners overvalue QBs, nothing to be done about it. Now Conner/mixon for Allen or Evans is more interesting. I’d say you’d be robbing him with Conner. It’d go through in a lot of leagues, but there’s a better than average chance Conner will lose all his value by at least week 10 (playoffs). I’m surprised he didn’t accept mixon, mostly because I wouldn’t offer that at this point because I’ve watched the tape and he looks excellent in a good offense, but some people love their team a bit too much. Try doing package deals (Conner and a bench player). It seems dumb, but less experienced owners seem to like these more, even if you’re really not giving up anymore in your mind

Sorry for the novel!

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Thanks for sharing your insights! I countered his my Lindsay for his Baldwin offer with my Lindsay for his Jeffery. I worried that Baldwin’s knees would lose him, and Wilson’s passing seems down.

I am thinking if I bundle Mixon with a WR2 (my preference would be Jones Jr, but willing to include Sanders or maybe even Cooks) to get a WR1 since hopefully it relieves me from trying to guess which WR2 to pair with my Smith Shuster (I started Cooks over Sanders yesterday, ugh).

So would a package of Mixon and Sanders get me a WR1 (like Keenan Allen, or Davante Adams)?

I really would think so. I value mixon as a borderline RB1 going forward. I’d start with Jones Jr. and see if that gets it done. Also I like shooting for jefferey instead of Baldwin at this point, just know he’s more of a TD guy, but won’t get the volume of a traditional high end WR2

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Man, you think your league is tough to trade with, I WISH I could’ve gotten Baldwin for Lindsay! Imagine Sanders being your best WR. I traded away a bunch of picks last year (keeper league) and have NOTHING at WR. Best I could do after weeks of trying to trade was Lindsay and Funchess for Jordan Howard and John Brown, which before yesterday seemed like a decent trade. LOL I’d jump at Lindsay for Baldwin! My RBs are decent enough. Somehow I’m 4-2 after taking a loss this week that I would’ve won had I not made that trade. :unamused:

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What kind of league are you in that you were able to draft Barkley, Mixon, and Gordon? That’s insane, they all went first/second round in my league.

10 player standard league. I was 9th pick… Barkley slipped to me at 1.9 (guess they worried about his knee, or being overhyped), then I grabbed Gordon at 2.2 and while I planned to go RB-RB-WR, when Mixon was there at 3.9 (and seemed better than any WR) I drafted him. I then went JuJu, Cooks, Jones Jr.

Also went RB-RB with my 10-player PPR team… went Gordon 1.9 and Fournette 2.2 . I also drafted Michel late in that draft… and thankfully, to make up for Fournette.

Are these trades just happening through the app?

Sell your points through a group chat/direct message and really talk counters.

“This is what I NEED. This is the maximum I CAN/WILL offer.” etc…

Or bogart away until someone finds themselves super desperate.
Wonder if he’s still happy with getting Chris Carson off waivers. Just had a pretty meh week try that trade again, Conner had a good week. etc.