Am I blinded by my own cognitive biases?

10 team full PPR. I am 0-2.

I stream QB, TE, K and DST usually. I backed into solid DST and TE so will probably hold them.

I am up against another worthy adversary. I feel like this team is championship caliber. Am I blinded by my emotion here and missing glaring holes in my team? I have depth on the bench where I could try to package for a superstar/tier 1 player, but I like my team so much that I want to just hold especially since I get Ingram and Edelman back in a couple weeks.

QB- Andy Dalton
RB- Lamar Miller
RB- Todd Gurley
WR- A.J. Green
WR- D. Adams
TE- George Kittle
FLX- Golden Tate
K- Tucker
DST- Minnesota

BN- Edelman
BN- Ingram
BN- Hyde
BN- Buck Allen
BN- Amari Cooper
BN- Q. Enunwa
BN- C. Clement

It’s a superb team. You could do a lot with your bench to upgrade, too. Maybe you could sell high on Hyde, Allen, Cooper, Enunwa, or Clement to get another elite RB. Kittle may end up holding you back. You could find a way to get Ertz with what you have, too. And your QB could be improved but not by all that much when it’s all said and done, probably. This is definitely a championship caliber team, though, to answer your q. But you can do more with it and I think you should start doing it soon. Half of playoff success is seeding, so don’t get too relaxed during the regular season.

In a 10 team league, you need a better QB and TE. How many teams make the playoffs?

I also didn’t notice that you are 0-2. There is some urgency to address your weaknesses soon. You should go out and get yourself an elite QB or TE asap. And a better second RB. I bet you could give Miller + Ingram + Hyde for someone like Kamara or his level if it’s a team that is sucking and just needs players who get touches.

Looks like trading today doesn’t take effect this week. Let’s hope some of my bench players “go off” again and I can flip them for gold.

The Bell owner is in a bit of trouble. He has Freeman who is out. He is starting Lindsey and Brieda Which aren’t bad but he could upgrade.

Would you try to do this trade:
Marc Ingram/Kittle/Hyde for Bell/Kelce as starting offer then add Amari Cooper if he isn’t enthusiastic?