Am I cray for this...?

I have Barkley and Chubb as my starters. Wallerus is my starting TE, but my backup TE is Cook.

As of now, I could offer a team Barkley for Mixon/Kmet. Would I be cray cray to do this?

12-team Superflex TE premium Dynasty.

No you wouldn’t be crazy. It depends on what you believe about Barkley’s injury. I think you could get more than Kmet and still get Mixon for Barkley.

I like Barkley and think he will come back ready to dominate. However, this is more about getting some TE depth behind the Wallerus.

The team’s starting TE in (H)Unter (H)Enry, but I dont know if they would be willing to give him up with Kmet and Knox as their TE depth.

Guess, I have some thinking to do.