Am I crazy? (Brady or Tyrod)

I’ve got Brady and Tyrod Taylor in a 5 point per TD league.

As a patriots fan, I’m considering trying to trade Brady and ride Tyrod the rest of the way since his schedule is magical. He’s outperformed Brady in recent weeks, but I still can’t convince myself it’s a great idea.

What do you guys think?

See what you can get for Brady, sure. Tyrod gives you the running threat that Brady could never give you. And maybe having K. Benjamin gives him a WR threat that allows him to stretch the field.

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I also have KB so I’m thinking that could be killer by playoff time for fantasy.

My current lineup is

QB: Brady, Tyrod
WR’s: Julio Jones, Shepard, Anderson, Ginn, KB
RB’s: McCoy, Ingram, McCaffrey, Lynch
TE: ASJ, Charles Clay

A guy in our league is looking to trade Kelce, so I was thinking about offering him Brady for Kelce and someone else since he was interested…