Am I Crazy? DJ over Saquon?

Am I crazy to consider David Johnson over Saquon #1 overall? The Giants offense, especially without OBJ worries me, plus I can’t see Saquon having as many huge runs as he did last year. Then DJ… he was Consensus #2 pick last year, he disappointed, but most people would say that was bc of coaching, plus Cardinals have Murray this year. Am I crazy to feel like Saquon could be this years DJ from a year ago and Gurley from 2 years ago, while DJ could return to form. I’d love to know your thoughts Footclan!! Thanks!!

In the end its up to you, I personally take Barkley but I’d explore trading down if Johnson is your first choice. I think Saquon will be more challenged to produce like he did in 2018 as I think outside of Giants homers it’s clear they’re not likely to be good.

I think almost every league rival would be interested in Barkley so I’d consider trading down or trading him if you do select him and prefer Johnson

Dont. Just dont. DJ doesnt look explosive at all this year. If you dont like saquon just go kamara or CMAC. But please for the love of God dont take DJ at 1

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You’re over thinking this.

At this time, Saquon is a much better athlete.

He’s also on an offense that’s not in its first year of install.

Good luck!

yes you are crazy indeed