Am I Crazy? (Dynasty)

I’ve been offered TY Hilton and 2018/2019 2nds for Ameer Abdullah, Corey Coleman, and 2018 1st. I have weak WR depth behind Amari and Hopkins (Crowder, M Williams, Godwin, John Brown) but decent RB depth behind DJ and Fournette (Carson, Kamara, Sproles, Buck Allen, D Washington). Thoughts?

Ameer Abdullah
Corey Coleman
2018 1st

TY Hilton
2018 2nd
2019 2nd

No love? :frowning:

I’m new to dynasty leagues, however I would do this trade as I’m not high on either of the players that you are giving up, while Andrew Luck has to come back at some point this year and that’s when you’ll see the value go up for T.Y. Hilton :blush:

Thanks! That’s my mind of thinking but I do see a world where Colemans ceiling is ty and he’s so young still while ty will be 28 this year. Anyone else have thoughts?

Coleman is a zero. Make the deal. Coleman doesn’t work hard, gets hurt and has been nothing to this point. After awhile we need to stop hoping he will come through. Jacoby will get him the ball enough til Luck gets back.

I agree that he’s been a zero for the most part thus far but two freak injuries to the hand is very unfortunate. His age is what gives me pause but I don’t know…I’m an Abdullah fan too but I know his limitations in a pass happy offense. First time Dynasty player and just trying to figure out the conundrum of potential v proven talent. Lot of potential I’m giving up here especially w the pick added but ty is a proven stud and I do have luck as my Dynasty qb

Also remember that Coleman plays for the Browns lol

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Very true lol though I do like their youth and talent nowadays finally making logical moves

It’s Cleveland, they’ll figure out a way to mess it up :joy: