Am I crazy? #FFPlayoffs

I’m starting Justin Jackson and Adam Humphries over Tevin Coleman and Spencer Ware. Both have much more favorable matchups so hoping for that upside

No you’re not both of those are great starts. Don’t even think about switching

I was 100000% crazy for benching Ware for either of these guys probably gonna cost me my matchup by a few points too lol

I think everyone was blown away by the NOvsTB game. Everybody was wrong about Humphries. The LAC game nobody expected that game to be close so it should have been a Jackson game, Ekler even ended up getting hurt but they kept throwing the ball. Sorry bro I hate giving advice that doesn’t work out. Hopefully you still have a shot.


you can’t predict the future man no need to apologize. It’s Anthony Lynn who should apologize lol idc if it was close he said Jackson would get more work and barely saw the field. I have a small shot it’s gonna be real close. If I played Ware over Jackson I’d be very comfortable. Now I have to hope Wilson and Rudolph have duds

Rudolph’s whole season has been a dude, I know I’m a diehard Vikings fan, and our defense is going to show up in a big way. The last 6 weeks I don’t think we’ve given up more then 16 pts and that’s going to be Russell’s ceiling

I sure am hoping he’s like Houdini at home

I think it’s prob just a case of being this close to Play Offs. I have Gurley and got a measly 8 PPR pts from him yesterday. Hell he was hardly even targeted first half. But I was pretty much expecting it. Rams have the DIV and prob figured they could take a loss. I think their main concern at this point is protecting their potential SB winner.

And I think BAL very possibly is using the same thought process, considering PIT has a pretty tough schedule coming up rest of regular season.

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Like I said Russell wasn’t doing shit against our D, and did Rudolf get even 2catches. Hope you got the win

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I easily got the win thanks man