Am I crazy for benching Michel?

Full ppr

Michel has been disappointing the last several weeks. I have Guice penny Scarborough and Hyde and I’m thinking of playing Guice instead. I know pats have great matchups the next three weeks but seeing what James white did last week I have no confidence in Michel.

I dropped him bro

If you can get Mattison off the waiver or anything else it has more value than Sony

The majority of the backs that I’ve had success against Kansas City have also caught a number of passes. It looks like receiving backs are king against them, and Michel is definitely not one of them. Also, they will likely be playing catch-up a good portion of the gameWhich means Brady will be airing it out.

My expert analysis says that he’s gonna have a huge game because he’s playing KC and also I’m going against him first round of playoffs.

Im seriously considering dropping him to pick up and play guice. In the camp of not very impressed with him but dropping sounds dramatic

I wouldn’t play him. If you have James white I would. Last week just proved to me how they will use him when they fall behind and they will fall behind vs the chiefs. You would think if they are smart they would pound the ball vs the Chiefs, but they failed to do that vs a poor Texans running Defense…

You could maybe use him vs the Bengals next week if you make it there…

I don’t think that’s a crazy move. Guice seems to be really showing something and his schedule ain’t bad moving forward. (I regret trading him for TY Hilton and now With the Cook injury- well I’m writing my obituary now).

With Sony- I’m getting this feeling like Pats are just gonna use more towards the end and especially in playoffs. Like last year.

just hard to believe in him when in full ppr hes only been over 10pts in 4 of 12 games but i do have that feeling hes going to get more work

Agree that they will be in a catch up mode for most part of the game and James white is the guy to play in that scenario. I just can’t put him on my roster hoping that maybe this is the week. I do believe Guice has a better floor this week and I need at least 10 points from my RB2.

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