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Am I crazy for not playing a kicker?


So that is my bench and I don’t know who to drop to pick up a kicker IF I should even drop someone… Mariota might be my best bet because I think he won’t play this week. What do you guys think?


I would drop Mariota - who is your other qb?


Watson but he has a bye next week


Your only other choice - bundle up two players and upgrade another spot.


I’d wait and see how your line up is doing on Sunday evening and pick up a late kick off kicker if you’re still training by a few or need a few extras.

I was in the same position last week and managed to get a 2 for 1 trade in time to allow me to pick up one but otherwise I wouldn’t have played as was too far behind to matter(30pts). (Would be the same as too far infront)


Didn’t even think about that… thank you!


Your league needs an IR SPOT so you can move DJ there


i know ): but you cant add an IR after the league drafted