Am I crazy for sending these trades

In a Half PPR league (8 people) my line up was QB: L. Jackson. WR: D. Hopkins, M. Thomas, A. Cooper, T. Lockett. RB: C. McCaffrey, J. Mixon D. Williams, D. Freeman, D. Montgomery, T. Coleman, A. Ekeler. TE: E. Engram K: M. Badgley D: Seattle

I traded T. Lockett, A. Ekeler and M. Badgley for C. Carson and J. Tucker.
I also send a trade offer (not accepted yet) to give up D. Williams and E. Endgram for M. Ingram and T. Kelce.

This is my 1st year playing and don’t know if I’m trying to make to many moves before the season starts.

(I know i shouldn’t be able to to get McCaffrey, Hopkins and Thomas, there were people that didn’t know what they where doing so i basically got a few 1/2 round picks)

The first trade was decent - odd to trade a K for a K, IMO but if you have decent WR depth then I think Carson is a step up over Ekeler.

As for the 2nd trade, to me that would be a huge step up so i wouldn’t think that will go through. The moves you’re making are fine.

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Thanks, i thought he was getting a better deal with carson for lockett and ekeler so i added the kickers idk prob wont make a difference but it might. the 2nd one did get rejected, they guy just wanted willaims and straight up gave me AB for him

I think the second offer is fine too if you can get it. Kelce puts up WR1 numbers

You got AB for Williams? I think you won that one too. AB definitely has a higher floor and ceiling since the acquisition on McCoy in KC. Feels like it hurts D. Williams upside.