Am I crazy for starting Ty Montgomery over Abdullah tonight?

Abdullah has let me down every time I put him in my lineup, and I need points tonight. I figure Ty will spell Jones enough and be in on obvious passing downs to warrant it. Maybe just playing a hunch.

I would start abdulah. I actually am stuck starting him in one league which I’m not happy about.

Montgomery has been demoted to special teams.

Well, I’m down 18 points (standard), and I have Jordy and either Ty or Abdullah yet to play, against Jones Jr. and Prater. I’m pretty much screwed no matter what I do. Abdullah isn’t getting any goal line touches. Kinda swinging for the fences here with, I believe, Ty’s higher ceiling.

If it’s standard definetly abdulah. There going to ride aaron. Abdualah might break a long one for a td. I know very unlikely.