Am i crazy for thinking this?

I have Kareem Hunt and Patrick mahomes in a standard scoring league…Bye-Pocalpse is killing me this week! Am I crazy for considering benching Lesean McCoy for Spencer Ware and rolling MaHomes , Hunt , and Ware out there hoping for a Chiefs blowout and Ware gets some touches late in trash time???

I would consider that crazy. Ware hasn’t gotten much action all year even with other Chiefs blowout wins. McCoy has still provided value with his pass catching so he is worth playing with all the byes.

only real Blowout they have had all year was against the Bengals, most other games they get a big lead and let the other team come back and make it tight, McCoy avg’s about 7-10 a week in standard scoring, Ware put up 8.5 against the bengals without getting in the Endzone, and Peterman is starting for the Bills against that stout stout Bears D

So with this being the case I guess it depends more on what you need. If you need a safe floor (you’re already projected to win) then Shady. If you aren’t projected to win, then Ware would likely have higher potential if he does get the garbage time minutes and snags a TD